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New Art Events: Paper Fashion Gallery at Meow Wolf, a Flash Studio Sale and More

Celebrate the holidays with something new on your wall.
A look from the 2019 Paper Fashion Show, which supports Downtown Aurora Visual Arts.
A look from the 2019 Paper Fashion Show, which supports Downtown Aurora Visual Arts. Photo Credit: Jason DeWitt
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This weekend, the galleries at Boulder’s Dairy Arts Center host five new shows by Colorado artists, including a huge salon-style portrait fest, while the Marine Street Gallery unfolds its Untitled Group Show in a Boulder cottage. In Denver, it's a big weekend for co-op openings; Yard Art veterans Annie Decamp and Michael Dowling will make more space with a big studio sale, while D’Art Gallery on Santa Fe Drive revs up its annual Holiday D’art Market for gift-shoppers.

Here’s our weekend list:
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Kim Lim, “Sakura,” cream dress.
Kim Lim
Paper Fashion
Galleri Gallery, Meow Wolf Denver, 1338 First Street
Through January 5
Reception and Fashion Show: Thursday, November 16, 6 to 8 p.m.
Beginning this week, Meow Wolf’s Galleri Gallery will showcase garments from the Paper Fashion Show, an annual fundraiser for Downtown Aurora Visual Arts, a nonprofit offering after-school arts programs for urban youth. Presented by a battalion of fashion and costume designers, eight past looks have been chosen for the exhibition, all of them at least 90 percent composed of paper materials that have been cut, stitched, folded, woven, fringed and squished. To attend the reception, purchase a ticket for Convergence Station, starting at $40 ($30 for Colorado residents) timed to coincide with the event, between 6 and 8 p.m. November 16.

Annie Decamp/Michael Dowling Studio Sale
2820 East 17th Avenue
Thursday, November 16, through Saturday, November 18, noon to 5 p.m.
Studio Party and Tour: Friday, November 17, 5 p.m.

When their studios get crowded, even artists need to clean house once in a while. The solution? Throw an art sale. Annie Decamp and Michael Dowling are clearing their studio spaces by City Park during a three-day event over the weekend that includes discounted art shopping in the afternoons, and a party and building studio tour on Friday evening. Celebrate the holidays with something new on your wall.
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Bruce Tetsuya captures the ephemeral in a photo from Ghosts in the Light at the Dairy.
Bruce Tetsuya
Portrait Gallery
Irene Delka McCray, From Her in Me to Me in Her
Benjamin Stanford and Bruce Tetsuya, Ghosts in the Light
Courtney Griffin, In My Body
Kali Spitzer, An Exploration of Resilience and Resistance: Our Backs Hold Our Stories
Dairy Arts Center, 2590 Walnut Street, Boulder
Friday, November 17, through December 30 (Kali Spitzer, through January 26)

The Dairy glides into the holiday season with five new shows that cover a world of subjects. In the main galleries, three shows take hold: Portrait Gallery, a group show of submissions from more than 45 artists; Irene Delka McCray’s From Me in Her to Her in Me, an exhibition of human-figure close-ups that capture every last wrinkle, inspired by her mother’s descent into the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease; and Ghosts in the Light, a duo by photographers Benjamin Stanford and Bruce Tetsuya, whose ways of capturing fleeting moments of human experience seem to intertwine. In the Locals Only Gallery, see Courtney Griffin’s In My Body, a series of works painted and embroidered on fabric; as well as Indigenous, queer photographer Kali Spitzer’s portraits of BIPOC, queer and trans subjects with their backs to the camera.

Untitled Group Show
Marine Street Gallery, 1005 Marine Street, Boulder
Friday, November 17, 7 to 10 p.m.

Marine Street Gallery (in a home on Marine Street in Boulder) has been opening for one night each month with interesting mixtures of known (Julio Alejandro, Jack Estenssoro and Adam Gildar in November) and unknown artists. The doors are open on Friday evening with a many-layered show of landscapes, devil girls, alien drawings and…others. Limited-edition printed T-shirts by Julio Alejandro and Gavin Brown will be available for purchase.
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Rocco Albano, “Montezuma's Moment of Eternity” (detail), digital print on aluminum.
Rocco Albano
Rocco Albano and Dagmar Nickerson, A Terrible Beauty
Sync Gallery, 931 Santa Fe Drive
November 16 through December 10
Opening Reception: Friday, November 17, 1 to 9 p.m.
At Sync Gallery, Rocco Albano and Dagmar Nickerson explore the theme of A Terrible Beauty. Look forward to Albano’s "Montezuma's Moment of Eternity," an electric abstract digital print on metal expressing a vision of the contemporary human condition, and Dagmar Nickerson’s encaustic painting, a hazy landscape of changing colors reflecting the inevitability of climate change in motion.
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Manda Remmen, "Washington Flags: Northglenn, September 23, 2023."
Manda Remmen
Manda Remmen, Washington’s Flags
Lost and Found: Pirate Members Found Object Show

Pirate: Contemporary Art, 7130 West 16th Avenue, Lakewood
November 17 through December 3
Opening Reception: Friday, November 17, 6 to 10 p.m.
Pirate Associate Manda Remmen, who is researching why people fly flags in the first place, photographs banners flying at various locations and then leaves notes explaining her purpose and asking the flag-fliers if they would share the stories behind the flags. Remmen collects the photos and the stories, which often happen to be tied to time in the military, feelings of patriotism and the desire to honor military family members who have passed. Equally interesting is the Pirate member show Lost and Found, which, in the spirit of the gallery’s oldest Pirate, Phil Bender, tasked the artists with presenting found objects. There’s no theme and no guideline urging them to create found-object assemblages; they can display the objects however they like, as one might arrange an object on the mantle. In a way, both shows have similar properties, don’t they?
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Kathy Mitchell-Garton, "Hollyhocks."
Kathy Garton-Mitchell
Kathy Mitchell-Garton, What Do You See?
Core Members’ Show
Nea Brown and Raven Rohrig, Joy, in the Annex

Core Art Space, 40 West Art Hub, 6501 West Colfax Avenue
Friday, November 17, through December 3
Opening Reception: Friday, November 17, 5 to 10 p.m.

From a distance, Cathy Mitchell-Garton’s flowers present as photographs — and they are. But close up, you’ll make out her glittering lines of delicate beadwork and embroidered complements, all printed and worked on a fabric background in the rich and glorious colors of the garden. In the other half of the gallery, Core’s twenty artists will each hang a work, for a show with instant diversity. And in the Annex, artists Nea Brown and Raven Rohrig share the theme of Joy, but express its meaning in separate ways. Brown paints flowers, trees and plant life in oil paint so airy that it nearly looks water-based; Rohrig explores female sensuality in spontaneous line drawings using ink or mixed-media portraits.
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Faith Williams, “Squash with Squash bee (Peponapis pruinosa),” original drawing on custom-printed ceramic plate.
Faith Williams
Faith Williams Dyrsten, Bountiful Lines
Travis Vermilye, Reclamation

Edge Gallery, 40 West Art Hub, 6501 West Colfax Avenue
Friday, November 17, through December 3
Opening Reception: Friday, November 17, 6 to 9 p.m.

Edge members Travis Vermilye and Faith Williams Dyrsten handle the member slots for a couple of weeks or so, each diving into personal visions. Williams places scientific botanicals over backgrounds of fine-lined drypoint geometrics on paper or adhered to dinner plates and table runners, and Vermilye’s inkjet transfer series focuses on uncontrolled waste of plastics by consumers, and its upshot.
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A piece from Karen Eberle-Smith's Nesting series.
Karen Eberle-Smith
Karen Eberle-Smith, Navigating Nests
Charlie Walter, Conversations With Myself

Next Gallery, 40 West Art Hub, 6501 West Colfax Avenue
Friday, November 17, through December 3
Opening Reception: Friday, November 17, 5 to 10 p.m.
At Next Gallery, Karen Eberle-Smith looks at the dynamics of nests and nesting by building gauzy broken-egg shapes from handmade paper, some of them attached to branches using wire and thread. Charlie Walter shows new abstract paintings held together with mixed media, made over the past year.
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Maria Valentina Sheets, “Motherboard Madonna,” kiln-fired glass painting.
Maria Valentina Sheets
Melinda Laz and Brenda Jones, Welcome Home
Maria Valentina Sheets, Out of Our Hands

Valkarie Gallery, 445 South Saulsbury Street, Lakewood
Through December 10
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 18, 5 to 8:30 p.m.

Melinda Laz and Brenda Jones, who are both inspired by family and domestic life, also both work with clay, making for a close and homey fit on the walls. Find ceramic spoons and forks, tiles painted with wallpaper designs and molded family photos by Laz, alongside Jones’s life-sized clay appliances and wall-hung tea cups and aprons. Maria Valentina Sheets, a talented traditional stained-glass painter and conservator, goes contemporary with a series of kiln-fired painted stained glass works concerned with narratives on AI and presented in glowing lightboxes. November guest artist Jordan Lyn’s show, which opened November 1, continues through November 26.
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Tanya Marcuse brings large-scale photography from her "Woven" series to the Denver Botanic Gardens.
© Tanya Marcuse, photo by Chris Kendall
Tanya Marcuse: Laws of Nature
Freyer-Newman Center, Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York Street
Sunday, November 19, through March 31

Laws of Nature, an exhibition sure to please lovers of the natural world, will also attract photography fans who might already know of the artist Tanya Marcuse, who’s drawn national attention for her dense large-format photos of forest floors she’s composed like still lifes at home in a wooden box, reminiscent of a Flemish table tableau or — from another point of view — a furiously spattered Jackson Pollock canvas. The show will include up to ten of the oversized prints and a variety of smaller photos, as well, all of them arranged into living tapestries of leaves, flowers, mushrooms, bark, fallen fruit and branches, small animals and more. Not-to-miss.

Holiday D’art Market
D’art Gallery, 900 Santa Fe Drive
Friday, November 24, through December 17

With Thanksgiving only a week away, it’s fair to say the holidays are here. And D’art Gallery is ready, with its annual holiday show of artwork tailored to gift-giving, including affordable small works, ceramics, prints and photography by the gallery’s full force of member artists.

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