Photos: Sign artist Kevin Hennessy's ten favorite pieces around Denver

Local artist Kevin Hennessy's favorite pieces tell you where to go and where you are. His trademark sign art is located all over the city, including Caboose Hobbies, the Curtis Park Creamery, a Suburban Toppers wall, Capitol Hill Books, Fahrenheit Books, Carniceria Jalisco, Tacito Jalisco, an abandoned building at 33rd and Arapahoe streets and Davies' Chuck Wagon Diner. Hennessy's art combines the influences of graffiti with American folk art for a retro feel. Continue reading for photos of his favorite signs around the city.

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10. The windows of Caboose Hobbies

9. Curtis Park Creamery character

8. Suburban Toppers' wall

7. Businesses on Colfax and Pennsylvania

6. Capitol Hill Books

5. Fahrenheit Books

4.Tacito Jalisco

3. Carniceria Jalisco

2. Abandoned building on 33rd and Arapahoe

1. Davies Chuck Wagon sign

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