Q&A with Charlie Murphy - March 1, 2012

Charlie Murphy is returning to Denver with Charlie Murphy's Acid Trip Tour for a three day stint at the Comedy Works in Larimer Square. Westword recently spoke with Murphy to see what he enjoys most about comedy.

How is the weather in New York?

You know, it's really cold out here, but I'm used to it, I'm a Brooklyn boy, I grew up in New York, so I am okay with it. This is normal.

Are you excited to be performing in Denver this weekend?

Yeah, man, I'm very excited. I was in Denver in 2009 and I had a lot of fun. I'm coming to have some more fun, and I get paid to do it and I'm ecstatic. I wake up every morning and I am ecstatic.

What places do you like to visit when you are in town?

I usually just enjoy performing at the venue, where ever it may be — the Improv, Comedy Works, or any other club it's going down at.The best part is the show. I feel blessed to be able to do my stand up comedy all over the world, because some people never even leave New York. What are your favorite places that you have visited so far?

While I have been to Switzerland, Stockholm, and other parts of Europe and Canada, I don't have a specific place that is my favorite, I just represent Earth. I don't have beef with anyone, only martians. I am excited to visit New Zealand this summer though.

Are you still involved with voice acting onThe Boondocks?

I have not been contacted to do anymore voice work, since the show ended last year, but I am going to be on a new animated series on Cartoon network's Adult Swim called Black Dynamite. It is an adaptation from the movie.

What is Charlie Murphy's Acid Trip?

That is the tour I am on right now and I am preparing to film the stand-up special this April in Australia. I just need to get some more shows under my belt and build it up, it's all bout that build up. I'm just focusing on getting this routine down and perfecting it in time for the special. I'm also a single parent so I always try to devote more time for my kid. Are there any other movies that you plan to star in or that you are writing?

Right now my primary focus is on this comedy tour and the second stand-up DVD, Charlie Murphy's Acid Trip, but I have not been blacklisted from anywhere so I hope that I will have some projects in development soon when I have some free time.

Do you have a special message for Denverites coming to your shows this weekend?

Yes. Get ready to laugh until your face hurts. Last time I remember people were saying how their face hurt from laughing so much during the performance, so get ready, because I'm going to make your face hurt again!

You can catch Charlie Murphy's performance at The Comedy Works this weekend. For ticket prices and showtimes, please visit www.comedyworks.com

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