Reader: Denverites Are the Rudest, Most Unfriendly People I Have Ever Met

Denver is a hot market these days, and nothing gets this city's residents hotter than talk about recent transplants versus natives — and everything in between (which comprises most of the people in Denver). Artist Lauri Lynnxe Murphy has been painting quite a picture of the changes in this town with her recent columns on the transplant topic, and inspiring plenty of responses. Says Patrick:

How do you ever expect transplants to have empathy for "Denverites," who are the rudest, most unfriendly, aggressive people I have ever met in any place of the world I've been to? And I have traveled extensively.

I have lived here for six months and enjoy the environment and will not be forced out by the hypocritical asshole natives but will take the higher ground and attempt to go out of my way, which is a big effort, to break bread with these unsophisticated "cowtown" residents.

Believe me, there are many people who share my feelings......

Responds Jered: 

People in Colorado are by and large friendly and relaxed. Maybe they're being rude to you because you think of us as "unsophisticated cowtown" residents — just a theory.

Don't expect us to greet you with smiles and laughs when you're the reason my rent has gone up $500 in two years...

What do you think about the changes in Denver?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.