Reader: Don't reopen Century 16, the "thug theatre"

Should Aurora's Century 16, the complex that includes the theater where thirteen people were shot to death on July 20, reopen? That's what Cinemark, the owner, has decided to do, and when the City of Aurora posted a survey on Facebook asking what should be done with the complex, the majority of those responding agreed that it should reopen -- although there's no way to know if the people who replied were from Aurora.

And at least one resident disagrees with the decision.

Says AuroraRes12:

As an Aurora resident for 12 years and a frequent visitor to this theatre, I have no desire to ever see another movie at this location (which we had nicknamed 'the Thug theatre' long before this incident). I go to a movie to escape for two hours and I don't want to be thinking about what happened. This hit way too close to home as we had tried twice to buy tickets for the midnight Batman. In the future, Northfield or the AMC down on Araphoe will get my money.

What do you think should be done with the theater complex -- and in particular with theater 9, where the shootings took place?

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