The feast in Babette's Feast.
The feast in Babette's Feast.

Reader: Feast your eyes on the food in Babette's Feast

Just in time for the holidays, Jenny An served up the "Seven tastiest feast scenes in movies," ranging from Eat Drink Man Woman to the Americanized version of that flick,Tortilla Soup, to The Nutty Professor and, of course, Big Night.

Our plate looked pretty full, but then Anonymous responded with this: "Oh my. You forgot some."

Anon was more forthcoming:

Chocolat! Tampopo! Like Water for Chocolate!

And then XSwede delivered this:

You guys forgot the best film of all: Babette's Feast -- with the old Swedes trying to not enjoy how great the food is and in the end, forgiving each other....

What other movies did we miss? Post them below, or join the conversation already started here.


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