Reader: Flush those customers who only want directions to the bathroom

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'Tis the season to torture sales clerks, as Bree Davies revealed in "I'm an idiot, and other misconceptions about retail employees." At Shirt Folding Store, where she's worked off and on for five years, she's suffered through people who've used her as a babysitter, people who've used her as a personal security guard, people who treated her like an idiot...and people who were assholes, pure and simple.

And horrors stories from other retail employees keep coming, including this one from Retail Veteran:

My personal favorite are the ones who come in only to ask where the bathroom is or where a different store is. My own horror story...

Shopper: where's the closest restroom?

Me: There's one on this floor in Department store that you can see from here and there's one downstairs in the food court.

Shopper: Well which ones closer?

Me: They're about the same.

Shopper: *turns away to waiting husband where she thinks she is out of earshot*

Shopper's Husband: Well?

Shopper: She says there are two.

Shopper's Husband: Well, which one's closer?

And the crowning glory....

Shopper: Well, I don't know she can't seem to figure that out!

Yeah, it really happened!

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