Reader: Furry costumes are cries for help!

The furrys were in town this weekend for Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2012: Furry Apocalypse, and if looking at their costumes made you want to get a dust-buster, you weren't alone.

Says Rusty:

Those aren't costumes - They're cries for help!

But little.candyheart replies:

Wow, way to take something fun like a niche convention and write such a mean spirited and unfunny little article about it. You don't seem to write with the air of someone who actually cares about their audience or the subject their are writing about. Shame on you for reporting on something unique in such an unprofessional manner. Furrys are weird, sure. That doesn't mean their events deserve your slander.

Was this slide show fair or unfair to furrys? You be the judge: See our complete Furry slide show here.

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