Reader: "Jenn's immaturity showed through"

Call Sarah Palin what you will -- hell, call her "undefeated" if you want -- but there's no denying she inspires some strong feelings on either side of the political divide. Since Jenn Wohletz posted her recap of the Palin-stroking documentary The Undefeated Monday, the commentary has been rolling in (we're even getting comments on our comments) and the fun hasn't stopped. And you better believe that shit got ad hominem. Here's one from reader JDCampbell, who -- perhaps not incorrectly -- asserts Wohletz is immature:

That's funny what the clerk said that the movie was for adults is the reason Jenn Wohletz couldn't understand it. If a movie doesn't have sex or violence a documentary like this makes kids like Jenn Wohletz fidget wildly.

Jenn's immaturity showed through by criticizing someone's faith or the accomplishments Sarah Palin had while as mayor and governor. Its simply a matter of being jealous of another woman who is accomplished and not liberal. Jenn lied when she stated that Palin blamed all of Alaska's problems on the last governor. It was not the previous governor but oil company corruption and ethics within the state. The documentary was an introduction to the workings of the state of Alaska back then and how Sarah Palin improved the life's of all Alaskans while in office.

You come to expect a negative review from a liberal if it has to do with a woman who's conservative. Most young people like Jenn Wohletz, especially ones with a chip on their shoulder don't understand documentaries unless accompanied by their parents.

While probably not even Jenn would argue for Jenn's maturity, JD, I'm pretty sure she just thought it was a shitty documentary.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.