Reader: Living Here All My Life, I Have Seen Denver Decline in Many Ways

It's a beautiful sunny day in Denver, and people will be flocking downtown for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, one of the largest in the country. The weather and celebrations such as this (and the recent Broncos parade) helped earn Denver top ranking in U.S. News & World Report's recent list of the best places to live in the United States, an honor that inspired our Twelve Reasons Why Denver Is the Best Place to Live in the U.S. But Mike disagrees with Denver's rating, and says: 
Who did Governor Hickenlooper pay to get this thing published? Living here all my life, I have seen Denver decline in many ways. There is a lot more crime, much of which is targeted crime that police do not warn the population about. The homeless population is overwhelming. Beggars on nearly every corner. Wages are low when compared nationally to cost of living. Speaking of which - cost of living here is outrageous. The city is a sanctuary for illegal aliens, which also spawns poverty and crime. Friday and Saturday nights downtown smell like urine, marijuana and booze - mostly because that is the only commerce going on here for the nightlife. Alcohol (and other drug) related driving incidents are up. You can't drive anywhere without smelling the stench of marijuana burning at least two or three times. All people talk about is the Broncos, skiing and smoking pot. Personal and property rights as well as the right to defend oneself are constantly being endangered.

This city is breeding and promoting a dependent population. I truly believe it is one of the nation's pilot cities for the new "them and us" government where they control a drunk and high population that does not fight back.

The great "cowtown" is gone and has been bastardized into some bad example of a mutated version of a liberal city.

I will say - I am trying to get out, and can't get out fast enough.
What do you think of Mike's opinion? Of the U.S. News & World Report rating? Are we still Number One?
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