Reader: Pay attention to Jay Wiseman; he knows what he's talking about

Westword contributor Jenn Wohletz wrote a cover-story guide to kink last week and followed it up with BDSM edgeplay advice from the well-respected Jay Wiseman. At least one member of Denver's kink community thought Wiseman's advice was excellent -- and as BDSM is not only an interest of hers, but also a job, you should listen to her and Wiseman alike if you want to practice kink but would rather not end up in a court of law because of it. Mistress Saskia shares:

He's always an excellent guy to go to for reality checks. He's an attorney and expert witness and gets to see a *lot* of what can go "real world wrong" from accidents or outright stupidities in play. He's also very clear that you can do something risky a hundred times without unpleasant outcomes, but that the law of averages means that there's a chance something's going to go wrong at some point. I try to remember him saying things like that when I start to get overconfident.

Thanks to guys like Jay, when I do presentations on advanced technique for this or that, I try to include stories about things that haven't gone according to plan, mistakes I've made, and to get a clear message across that responsible players don't get to let their guard down and assume they're immune from making mistakes that'll cost other people. Mistakes are going to happen anyway, but taking ego out of the factors can help mitigate a bit of risk.

As always, thanks for your work. The more kink gets into the mainstream, the greater the need to educate people that it's about far more than high heels and handcuffs. Even for the women. ::grin::

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.