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Reader: People who bitch about public art want to make everything match their personal aesthetic

The very public paint job on the outside of the new Pasquini's Pizzeria at 777 East 17th Avenue has prompted more discussion of art than anchovies.

Cap_Hill_Cowboy calls it "a blight upon the city," and adds "I've stopped taking Clarkson to 18th just to avoid the eyesore."

But this critic has his own critic: See also: - Reader: The paint job on Pasquini's looks like a six-year-old did it - Six ways the Big Blue Bear could make over its image

Replies jpthomerson

I like it. Art is subjective.

Some folks don't like the big blue horse at the airport. Others despise the big Blue Bear at the convention center. To imply that "Everyone" in the neighborhood "hates" the big purple flowers without taking a poll is irresponsible and frankly, lame. The statement would remain dumb with a poll but at least in a survey a counterpoint would be represented.

I live in that particular 'hood and I like the mural just fine. It's funny that the people who bitch about public art always want to make every building, tree and shrub match their own personal aesthetic. Let's call IKEA and have them paint the joint. That way it'll match all of the whiners living rooms.

Oh, and for the person who avoids 17th Avenue in order to negate the view? I wish that everyone had the time to indulge their delicate sensibilities by going out of their way to avoid whatever structure and/or landmark they found displeasing to their critical eye. I would never go to the hospital again! They have terrible art at hospitals. The airport would be hard to negotiate; I would only use the west entrance. Malls. Malls are horrendous. The Pearl Street Mall has those creepy bronze children. Nope. I'd never go there again. I would never visit my parents in Loveland again. Too many bad sculptures of deer and antelope playing....pllease.

Don't you have some voting to do, or something? Or go make some art. Maybe somebody will like it. Maybe they'll put it on their fridge. Maybe one of their snotty friends will complain and boycott them until they take it down.

What do you think of the Pasquini's paint job? What's your favorite piece of public art in the city? What sights will you go our of your way to avoid? Post your nominations in the comments section below.

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