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Reader: Perpetuating the social stigma of furries

There's no way to offend a sub-culture, it seems, like writing silly captions beneath pics of one of their gatherings. So it goes with furries, many of whom have been upset by my Furry Field Guide, which parodied a National Geographic-style wildlife manual using photos from the 2011 Rocky Mountain Fur Con that went down over the weekend. Reader Kyra Edo has this to say about it:

This looks like someone perpetuating the social stigma of furrys, much like the social stigma of Hentai to Anime. It's a big world, I'm not going to say there are not sickos/predators out there, but stating it's a furry, ergo it's a sicko/predator is like saying it's a white man, he's an oppressing slave mongering racist. It's a senator, he's cheating on his wife with a cabaret full of exotic dancers, and it's a black football star, he's gonna murder his wife! Instead of trying to appear intelligent with big words you don't know how to use, try using your brain. Or, go buy into every hype out there. 2012 is coming and the Mayan's calendar didn't continue on! The end is coming!

Though it was certainly not my intention to imply that furries are sexual predators, Kyra, it's interesting that you accomplish something similar by comparing it to hentai -- isn't it not supposed to be about sex?

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