Reader: Welcome to Goose Poop Pond

Britt Chester thought he'd take Denver for a ride with his first bicycle quiz, but dozens of people came up with answers to

"guess where I'm biking near this pond."

Some were wrong, some were right, but none were as complete as this:

Says tewonawonga:

Cherry Creek Bike Path, just west of Holly. Go straight ahead in the photo and you hit Garland Park and Lollipop Lake--a.k.a. Goose Poop Pond--and then Cook Park as you go further toward the reservoir. That crosswalk chirps on Holly like a bird, and southbound traffic on Holly likes to run the red light. Go left on Holly and you'll pass McMeen Elementary School. Go right and you'll end up at City of Potenza Park. The underpass on the right is relatively new. If you turn around and head west, you'll pass Four Mile Historic Park, which is out of raw honey right now. The singletrack down next to Cherry Creek is nicknamed the Monk Trail. The nearest B-Cycle Station is 2.2 miles away from this photo, at Cherry Creek Shopping Center.

And you're rocking a flip-flop hub. What else do you want to know? ;-)

We want to know all about your favorite rides in town, tewonawonga. Feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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