The Star That Wanted to Ski Is a Sparkling New Children's Book

Robert Persky is working on a book called The Star That Wanted to Ski.
Robert Persky is working on a book called The Star That Wanted to Ski. Robert Persky
As the world fell into despair over COVID-19, illustrator Robert Persky set out to bring people joy. 

"I wanted to make something uplifting,” he explains. So he decided to write and illustrate a children's book: The Star That Wanted to Ski.

Persky has been designing stickers for the past few years, and last summer he launched the Boulder-based company Dino Feed, which prints and sells postcards, stickers and other products he's designed. Writing a children's book was something he had wanted to do for years.

He reached out to people he knew to see if they liked his idea.

“This story about a star got encouragement from my friends, and I put a lot of quarantine time into making it," he says. "I hope people smile when they read it. It's made to make us feel good.”

The Star That Wanted to Ski, as the title suggests, is about a star with a dream to hit the slopes (something Coloradans have been feeling, too, lately). Other stars and planets tease the star for having such a ridiculous ambition, but all the jeers and self-doubt do nothing to deter the story’s hero.

click to enlarge Author Robert Persky - DINO FEED
Author Robert Persky
Dino Feed
“I'm really excited, because the book is filled with positivity and colorful drawings,” Persky says. “It's the kind of book I would have wanted to read as a kid, and the kind of book I want to read now.”

The book will be available on Kickstarter through the end of June. Dino Feed will publish an initial run of 250 books to sell online and at craft fairs when those start up again.

Persky hopes this book is the first of many.

“If we raise more than our goal, we can produce the book at a much higher quality without raising the price," he says. "So check it out, because if we're successful, this story will lead to lots of others.”

Check out the book’s Kickstarter online. And find out more about Dino Feed at the company's website
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