Sexy Kittens Are No Longer Obsolete: This Video Proves It.

Think dressing up as a sexy kitten is obsolete?  Think again.

The Chateau Kittens, a budding Denver burlesque troupe decked out in cat ears and teddies, rebooted the tired trend at the group's first official performance, the dazzling Holiday Purrlesque Show at the Oriental Theater on December 21.

The women took to the stage — and the pole — to flaunt their feline, feminine mystique, in a performance designed to empower the dancers as much as arouse the audience.

Replete with fire-eating, juggling and acrobatics under dramatic lighting, the show proved that this group is a must-catch act for any burlesque enthusiast.

"We had a wild turnout," says head kitten Isibella Mircalla Karnstei. "What counts is that the audience enjoyed the show."

The troupe is the latest in a long string of Denver burlesque performers who have used erotic dance to tap into their sexuality in a sex-positive way.

"The Chateau Kitten is a new kind of made-up kitten," Karnstei says. "We try to go for something a little bit classy and exciting at the same time.... Who we are is a group of young women looking to explore our sexuality and have fun in the process."

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