Silhouettes take a bow, head to Las Vegas

The gig is up! Last night saw Denver dance troupe Silhouettes take second place after Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. on NBC's America's Got Talent. Tensions were high as both dance troupe Team iLuminate and teen band POPLYFE were initially given the boot. It came down to the final two and we were sure we would win...

But that just goes to show that you can't believe everything the judges fawn over you for, and in the end, it's not the judges who are voting-- it's American audiences. Silhouettes may have come through in the 11th hour Tuesday and put on a great show, but when it came down to it, America still wanted a handsome crooner. Tough rap, gals.

All is not in vain, however. While Murphy is clearly the winner and will be headlining the show at Ceaser's Palace in Las Vegas, what many don't realize is that the three runners-up will also be in the show as well. So keep those bags packed, ladies! You're going to the City of Sin, and we expect you to represent the Mile High City and kick some glittery booty. Hick gives the girls the thumbs up!

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. performs with Patty LaBelle

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