Ski Tuning, Part 4: How to Wax your Skis

In this final episode of our four-part series on ski tuning strategies, Matt Hupperts of the Edgeworks in Denver shows you how to hot wax your skis, using a waxing iron and a plastic scraper. On the slopes, you can crayon on a cold wax to improve performance of your skis, but hot waxing them before you go is definitely the best strategy.

Hot waxing your skis requires the use of a waxing iron. Waxing irons are not that expensive, but they keep the temperature constant so that you don't scorch the wax. There are two ways to iron on the wax, and Hupperts discusses the pros and cons of each.

Following the steps in this video series will help you keep your skis humming along at maximum performance, and reduce the number of times you need to take the skis in for a full store tune-up that includes a base grind to restructure your bases. Hupperts suggest that doing these simple tuning steps at home might mean you only need to take your skis in once or twice a year, depending on how often you get out.

I want to thank Matt for taking the time to show me his tips and tricks. I'm looking forward to doing some maintenance at home while having a pre-slope beverage!

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