Smitten Kitten closes its Denver doors

Denver's Smitten Kitten outlet -- the local outpost at 70 Broadway of the infamous Minneapolis boutique -- has shut its legs, er, doors.

Between the store's DIY pasties workshops -- and others, like Treats for Your Sweets and Real Sex vs. Porn Sex with Jayme Waxman, which just took place over Valentine's Day weekend -- it was a sex-positive neighborhood spot to stop in, learn something new and peruse the impressive gallery of books and toys just for adults.

The store opened on April 1, 2010, not long after we lost Broadway's other woman-friendly sex shop, Hysteria -- and lasted not even a year before cleaning up and bowing out.

"We closed Monday," says Minneapolis store manager Claire Jacky. "It wasn't making enough money, and we couldn't really float it for very much longer."

And don't expect any clearance sales, either: All of the merchandise has been moved back to Minneapolis, where it's now up for sale.

"If people have gift certificates or issues with products they've already bought, they can just give the Minneapolis store a call," Jacky notes. That number, should you need it: 612-721-6088.

Looks like Denverites just weren't smitten enough with this particular Kitten.

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