Space in Your Face spotlights Planet Earth at Deer Pile tonight

Space might be the place, but earth is home, sweet, home. And for that reason, tonight's installment of Deer Pile's monthly space-nerd evening, Space in Your Face, will turn its telescope on the place where we live, approaching the planet from a dizzying variety of angles, both scientific and out-of-this-world.

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Along with lively repartee from your host, Julia DeMarinas of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the event -- Earth...WTF? -- will include footage of earth as seen from the International Space Station, an all-girl Beastie Boy cover band rappin' the solar system, a planetary diatribe from "Sarcastic Earth," ArgusFest film series founder Jason Bosch on ways to save the earth, and a special presentation by CU-Boulder glaciologist Ulyana Horodyskyj, whose time-lapse cameras set up to record the rapid retreat of Himalayan glaciers were confiscated by the Nepalese government on suspicion of being used for spying. Whew.

That's a lot, but there will also be a recap quiz, just to make sure the audience was listening. And prizes. It all blasts off at 8 p.m. at Deer Pile; for details go to the Facebook event page.

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