Street Boutique Fashion Truck Spreads Style Around Denver

Lindsey Trees was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota, where she grew up an only child with strong Midwestern values. "I moved to Denver in 2003, and it instantly became home. The 60 degree, sunny days we have in the dead of winter hooked me," she remembers. But she didn't love her job, and Trees fantasized about starting the Street Boutique Fashion Truck while working in the corporate world for years. "I really wanted to find something I was passionate about, that could also give me the flexibility to spend more time with my young children. I stumbled upon the concept of a fashion truck back in the spring of 2014. I mentioned it to my husband, and four months later the Street Boutique was born," says Trees, who talks more about how she got the business rolling in the following interview.

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Westword: What is the inspiration behind the fashion truck?

Lindsey Trees: I have always loved fashion and am a self-proclaimed shopaholic. I was originally a fashion merchandising major, and for years had dreamed of owning my own store. The stars were aligned when I stumbled upon the concept of a fashion truck, a much more cost-effective way to get a store up and running, with minimal overhead and the flexibility to make my own hours.

Have you always been involved in the fashion community?

Nope. I always thought I missed my calling of working in LA or NYC in the fashion scene. I have been all over the corporate world, from Big 4 consulting to commercial real estate, and most recently software sales. I have finally found my niche in fashion.

Is the Street Boutique based in Denver?

Yes. We operate primarily out of Denver proper, but do venture around the metro area and into Boulder as well. If the old Frito Lay truck can make it up the I-70 corridor, we may eventually travel into the mountains as well.

At what types of events can we see the Street Boutique?

Festivals, holiday markets and shopping or fashion-focused events. But we do have a big focus on mid-day office stops, salons, school fundraisers and house parties. We love to focus on women-oriented events and fundraisers.

What does Street Boutique offer that other fashion trucks do not?

Street Boutique Fashion Truck offers a true clothing boutique experience in a truck. We offer high fashion items at a moderate price point, appealing to the everyday woman on-the-go.

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The Denver Street Boutique carries women's clothing and accessories in the $40 to $80 range, with brands like GLAM, Daniel Rainn, Velvet Heart, Ya Los Angeles, Sugarhill Boutique, Poppy Lux, DownEast Basics, Blu Pepper, Areve, Matty M and JOA. Its next official event is February 8 at the Exdo Events Center. In the meantime, find the Street Boutique on Facebook or follow it on Instagram for updates.

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