Street-Style: WhiteCatPInk Sports a Purrfect Look

Last weekend artists were out in force for the Westword Music Showcase and Denver Pridefest 2015, not to mention the A-OK's album-release party. Fort Collins-based electronic and French-pop artist WHITECATPINK, the music project of David Jacoby, played that gig and also showed off one of the most unusual looks we spotted on the streets. Leep reading to find out where Jacoby shops, what subcultures of art and fashion inspire his look, and what he's doing with WHITECATPINK. 

We spotted WHITECATPINK on 16th and Tremont streets, out and about with his two dancers, Miranda Mesch and Allie Kit Cat. The trio share a love of fashion, art and cats. "Art has to come from a modern primitive area. It has to come from the soul," says Jacoby, whose favorite color is red. The three are all wearing boots, tall socks and short shorts; their bondage accessories — harnesses, collars and leashes — connect them to each other.
 These silver-cap white boots are from local goth retailer Fashion Nation. Cats, bondage, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Roxy Music and underground UK magazines inspire WHITECATPINK's look. His S&M-inspired harness is from The Crypt and his necklace is from Home Depot.

Allie Kit Cat in a collar — Jacoby's favorite accessory, and one that can lead to "spiritual enlightenment," says Jacoby. "Music, art and fashion are ways that I try to seek spiritual enlightenment as well."

Always be enlightened by fashion and art, Denver. 

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