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Suzi Q. Smith: Read the poetry created by this week's cover artist

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Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back

"Don't forget who you are," She said.

"Don't forget when you're out there with your friends that before you were born there was a place for you here, in my house where we sing like Angels dance like drops of water in a hot iron skillet and glow like distant stars." We stay up late with the hot comb and grease We wake up early for braids and beads We walk to church five times a week "There is still a place for you here, in my house," She says, "where we shower love and sprinkle correction smile into each other like mirrors and remind ourselves of Home." Nana will let you eat steak at midnight Nana will cry sometimes for no reason Nana will open her doors for you "There will always be a place for you here, in my house," She says, "when it turns cold outside and you've gone too far when the street lights come on and you see the game is over." Leading me out of the lion's mouth though my soul looks back and wonders how I think I understand what she's been talking about "Don't forget who you are," She said.

"Always remember where you come from."

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