Swearfest Celebrates Storytelling -- and Profanity -- at Quixote's Friday

Get ready for The Moth Radio Hour meets Trailer Park Boys. After a successful stop in Trinidad last month, when it filled councilwoman Pat Fletcher's house with off-color humor, Swearfest is coming to Denver this weekend. Swearfest is "storytelling at its best," says Scott Mastro, aka Tender Bastard, who stages these swearing extravaganzas with "the perfect pinch of profanity tour and public hanging." See also: Holy Fucking Shit, Profanity Is Beautiful And the public is invited not just to judge the profanity, but to utter it themselves from 8 to 10 p.m. on Friday, January 9, at Quixote's, 314 East 13th Avenue.

For two hours, audience members will guide the show's direction as they tell their own stories and swear at "a judge, lawyer, cop, ex, phone-customer service rep, your boss, in traffic, dead person, someone's mother, politician, god, government, life in general," suggests Mastro, a storyteller and author himself. As Tender Bastard, he'll be overseeing the action, but the audience will judge the tales, offering prizes for the best. And while profanity is encouraged, that's only in the stories; anyone swearing out of turn will have to pay a penalty to the cuss bucket, Mastro says.

Kids under six swear for free, as do those 65 and older; admission for everyone else is $10. Want to find out more? Call the Swearfest hotline at 310-866-2587.

Here's a sampling of Swearfest:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.