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Ten things to do for $10 this weekend, April 20-22, 2012

This weekend is all about the green. Whether you're into partying with the sort-of legal kind at the countless 4/20 events on Friday or celebrating the less controversial plants at Earth Day parties on Sunday, we've got it all in one place for less than $10. And beyond the things that grow in the ground, there are plenty of art openings, an '80s dance party, and much more that won't cost too much of your hard-earned green.

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Unseen Works by Jolt and Omni at Guerilla Garden (Friday, free) Sip on free beer from Wynkoop Brewing Company at this event tonight designed to showcase the world of graffiti-inspired artists Jolt and Quentin "Omni" Rice. The art is large scale, featuring pieces on twenty-by-twenty-foot walls as well as a custom-painted Scion car. Watch a preview of the new documentary about Jolt's Osage Street mural and enjoy the inspired art party.

Mouth House Extravaganza at Mouth House (Friday, donation) Of all the billions of 4/20 parties going down today, this one promises one of the best line-ups of real entertainment (not just psychedelic lights and pulsing beats). The day, which runs from 3 p.m. 'til late, will feature a whole slew of bands including Sara Century and Skully Mammoth, as well as comedy from Stephan Williamson, WereWolf Radar Live Podcast, The Fine Gentlemen's Club, and Hippy Man. Plus, there's gonna be a barbecue! Avoid the Civic Center Park mayhem for a different, more interesting kind of mayhem.

People watch at Civic Center Park (Friday, free) But hey, if you really want to be a part of the enormous annual marijuana rally, Civic Center Park turns into an awesome place to people watch on this April afternoon. From dreadlocked burnouts to actual, real-live high-functioning adults, to tourists who wanna see what it's all about, this should be the perfect place to sit in the park, get a wicked contact high and relish the weirdness of Colorado.

Third Friday Open Studio at Boxcar Gallery (Friday, free) Third Fridays are always less-crowded and less-stressful days to see art, so tonight should be a great opportunity to see Boxcar Gallery's April show Bestial Existence, featuring the art of Mandy Hazell, Ira Fail, and Moses Jimenez. Check out that as well as new pieces from the resident artists and bypass the First Friday throngs.

Once Upon A Race at Stoney's Bar and Grill (Saturday, free) This fairy tale race should be a great opportunity for people-watching connoisseurs. Spectators can expect to see costumed Snow Whites and Prince Charmings playing beer pong, lawn bowling and more. Wander by, see some dressed-up people performing bizarre antics, and finish the outing off with some food from Stoney's.

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