The Denver Museum of Nature and Science big-ups Earth with a free day

Whatever your stance on conservation and environmental issues (we're hard-line in favor of what we like to call "maximum bull-dozage"), you can't argue with this: Earth is the shit. It's got all sorts of cool and weird-ass stuff to look at, it's fine with people inhabiting it and it's basically the ideal environment for various organic compounds to sustain and reproduce themselves, which works out great for us. Earth's also not too demanding, so most of the time we can just ignore it like we do our shrewish wives -- but every once a year or so, just like our shrewish wives, Earth deserves a day to call its own. That day is Sunday, and what better way to celebrate it than by learning some stuff about nature and science for free?

In honor of the planet we call our bitch, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is holding a free day on Sunday, opening its doors to everybody who wants to come in and look at the stuff they've got, like the display of Egyptian mummies, or Expedition Health (which is actually really cool -- you take out a card that compiles information about you while you do different activities, like ride a stationary bike), or Space Odyssey, which is probably the least Earth-ish thing there, but is still pretty awesome because it's about outer space. It's also an excellent time to check out the Real Pirates exhibit, if you haven't done that yet, which is not free, but tickets are on sale at a reduced rate of $8 adult (they're normally $22).

So go ahead, Earth. Treat yourself. This is your day.

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