The Gumz family dances in frog suits, gets surreal for Children's Hospital

It's really a shame that more 4-year-old boys don't have creative control over dance video projects, because the world needs more of the kind of delightfully incoherent things that happen when the Gumz family puts on frog suits and gets out in the snow to pirouette with the dog. As part of a competition put on by Primrose Schools to raise money for Children's Hospitals around the country, young Aiden Gumz of Evergreen recruited his family to participate in one truly surreal piece of film-making he calls FrogP -- a video that, with two days to go in the voting, is currently sitting in the top three finalists.

To the winner of the competition, Primrose will award $5,000 and donate $30,000 to the nearest Children's Miracle Network hospital; in Denver, that would be Children's Hospital at Anschutz Medical Campus. The two runners up also get smaller amounts of money and a donation to their respective CMN hospitals, but this is America, and second place is for first losers.

Luckily for everyone, you can do your part, watch the video (which is awesome) here and vote for the Gumz family, which is at the time of this writing in third place among the finalists. Let's make this happen, Denver.

In the meantime, here's a related video involving boys making up dances about frogs.

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