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The strangest social networking sites that would benefit from Facebook video chat

In case you haven't heard, Facebook got two very cool upgrades recently, with the introduction of group chat and video chat -- thanks, in large part, to a partnership with Skype. Props to Mark Zuckerberg though -- being able to video chat with friends who are "online" on Facebook is not only super awesome, it's super easy and really simple to do too (albeit the live video is a bit slow on WiFi connections). All you need to do is download the plugin, if you haven't already.

While you're waiting for the necessary files to load onto your computer and the plugin to install, why not check out some other social networking sites that would benefit from a video chat upgrade? Get that webcam ready, people, because here are the strangest sites that we'd like to see add a Facebook video chat feature.

5. EONS.com Now here's a place for all those people who feel too old for Facebook (yes, Mom, we're talking to you) but still want to jump on the social-networking, time-wasting band wagon. Pegged the "Online Community for BOOMers" -- as in baby boomers -- this site works hard to make clear that it is targeting an older generation. And with good reason, since it has everything any person born after World War II could ever need: groups to join, discussion boards and even a longevity calculator -- just imagine that moment when, after boasting to your friends that you've got another good twenty five years left in ya, you get to see their envious faces via video chat. Sucks to suck, Silent Generation. 4. WeeWorld.com It doesn't matter the shape of your wee, the only thing that matters is how you dress it up. So put pants on him, give him some sunglasses, and call it a day. Yep, creating an avatar in WeeWorld is just that easy. In fact, it's so easy that you can make one in five minutes (we did) and then get going in WeeWorld, using points you rack up in exchange for various items, like a poster of a Wee'd out Justin Bieber for your bedroom -- dreamy! Now if only Mark Zuckerberg and the Wee creators would come up with a way for you to use your Wee and a video chat feature to pick up chicks without looking, well, really creepy. Oh, and in case you were wondering, you can purchase other posters for your room...posters of Miley Cyrus, Robert Pattinson and, randomly, Pink Floyd, to name a few. 3. Ravelry.com Apparently people who like to crochet also like to socialize. But for those who don't want to leave the house to do so, Ravelry provides the best of both spools. Even better, there's even a yarn index for you to talk shop about various yarns, where to purchase them in your neighborhood and even see what other users are working on with said yarn. While we think that a Facebook-esque video chat feature would really up the ante for yarning with others, it would just barely make this social networking site more awesome. Because it's already pretty awesome as is. After all, Ravelry has a whole section devoted just to patterns -- if you ever need to craft a dolphin doily, consider it done with Ravelry. 2. WriteAPrisoner.com The most disturbing thing we've come across in the social networking interwebz since that Anthony Weiner sausage photo last month, Write A Prisoner has all of the right intentions -- people helping inmates by writing them electronic letters, offering up profiles of inmates and increasing overall community engagement with prisons -- but it also has an overwhelming amount of creepiness within its entire aesthetic. Frankly, we don't care if those four inmates on the home page "want to make friends" because THERE IS A REASON THEY DON'T HAVE FRIENDS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Two words: prof pics. While it is true there is never really a flattering photo of a person in prison, the majority of these inmates' profile pictures have been taken either while the prisoner was out on bail or right before the crime was committed, as was the case for every guy with the creepy mustache. Therefore, why not throw in a video chat function to spice up the pot? It would do wonders for keeping the prisoners connected to the outside world and, god willing, even more for these dudes' facial hair. We can only hope they'll chat with their mothers who will tell it to 'em straight: "Shave that 'stache, Luther" -- and it's that brutal honesty that just doesn't come across in an email.

1. FetLife.com Meow, woof, nay, oink -- if it's an animal noise a human can imitate in a sexual context, it can also exist as a fetish. And if it's a fetish, there's a discussion board for it on FetLife. What's cool about FetLife that you don't really get with Facebook is a heightened sense of perviness. On Facebook, you might feel guilty about looking at the picture your high school ex-boyfriend posted of himself shirtless. Or you might feel horny. Either way, on Facebook it's considered creepy, but on FetLife it's encouraged. Go ahead and creep through hundreds of profile pictures of FetLife users -- but fair warning, most of it is highly pornographic (consider it the poor man's digital yearbook of dirty pictures) and some of it is just downright bizarre; it's not for the faint of heart.

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But that's where FetLife succeeds -- the site's managers know that the content could be considered more "alternative," so they embrace it and use it to their advantage. Nowhere else will you able to browse through users' photos with the "next" and "perv" buttons. Or peep homemade videos of people engaging in their favorite kink. Or, better yet, help coordinate a kink meet-up in a city near you via the discussion boards. So here would that video chat plugin come in handy then? Think live peep shows, kink shows and recorded video comments...but then think bigger and more alternative than that even, and you've got the world's kinkiest plugin for any social networking site out there. And FetLife is pretty out there.

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