The ten best Craiglist Missed Connections from a gas station, Colorado's top spot

A recent study in Psychology Today mapped the most common locations of Craigslist Missed Connections by state -- and Colorado's isn't glamorous. In the Centenntial State, the most likely place to fail romantically (and later document it publicly) is the gas station. Considering the amount of active outdoor adults here, our volcanic music scene and our never-gets-old nightlife scene, our first reaction was that this can't be true. But that's before we perused the most recent Missed Connections: Turns out gas stations are a pretty popular place to miss your chance at true love. In honor of that fact, here's a list of the ten best Denver Missed Connections from gas stations.

Who knows? You might be one of them.

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10. Even if you're just paying for a package of SweetTarts, you're true love could be walking up right behind you to snag a sprig of that three-month old beef jerky that's on sale. 9. If you have the opportunity to lock eyes with someone, hold it for as long as possible. 8. Who doesn't like a hot chick in a white 'Benz? You'd be stupid to miss this chance at love. Email the picture, damnit. 7. It's certainly not desperate to think that a passing conversation about getting off of work is actually a sign of fate for both of you. Not at all. 6. This person obviously falls into the category of "Missed Stalking Opportunity." If they stared long enough to realize that you had a Widespread Panic sticker on your gas tank, they obviously checked you out from the feet to the face -- which is a great way to start a relationship.

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5. Ah, a classic case of "Slurpee Syndrome." This occurs when you are startled that a hot member of the opposite sex, or same if that's your bag, makes a subtle introduction -- and then you freeze. 4. Has maroon truck. Will fuck. 3. This turned into a clear case of stalking when the "misser" of the "connection" followed the other person to Taco Bell and then watched from afar at the gas station. 2. This is the sign of a true Casanova. He actually stops in at that gas station to see you, and he now knows that you don't work there anymore. Think he'll get the hint that it's a little creepy? 1. This is a classic case of "brown-noser." You can't nail a cop then expect to not have to pay your parking tickets, but we appreciate where your head is at, even if it's halfway up your ass.

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