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The Ten Best Stores on Broadway

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The Broadway/Baker neighborhood has become trendy, but it hasn't lost its eclectic charm. The storefronts lining what used to be known as Denver's "Miracle Mile" are full of miraculous finds, whether it's a toy from the past, magic tricks, boutique clothing, craft supplies or a display of "perverted" coloring books. There's something for everyone on Broadway, and plenty of spots to grab a cup of coffee or a beer to sustain you on a long day of shopping. Here are the ten best stores on Broadway, in no particular order, and culminating with our Best of Denver 2016 winner.

10. Starlet
26 Broadway

Let your inner star shine at Starlet. Whether you’re looking for on-trend clothing or retro jewelry and accessories, Starlet won’t break the bank while helping you look marvelous. And after you’ve filled a shopping bag with an outfit or two worthy of a true “starlet,” head next door to Historian’s Ale House for the 2016 Best All-Day Happy Hour.

9. Wizard’s Chest
451 Broadway

Calling all wizards, geeks and cosplay fanatics. Now ensconced in a stunning new home on Broadway, the Wizard’s Chest is more magical than ever.  The family-owned store stocks everything from costumes to puzzles, with plenty of tricks in between. Be sure to check the packed schedule of events for Dungeons and Dragons or Pokémon tournaments.

8. Buffalo Exchange 
51 Broadway

Buffalo Exchange is a hipster haven.  Whether you’re in search of a vintage T-shirt to complete your already-overflowing collection or attending an Otter J calendar-release party in the back of the store, this spot is a must-stop on Broadway, close by Mutiny Information Cafe and TRVE Brewing Company, where you can grab refreshments when you're done shopping.
7. Fancy Tiger Crafts
59 Broadway

Crafters looking for something more modern and community-oriented than the average Michael’s need look no further than Fancy Tiger Crafts. What was once a small DIY boutique has grown into an impressive storefront on Broadway, where owners Jaime Jennings and Amber Corcoran sell crafting essentials and also offer classes and events where people can reach their “crafting potential.” Stop by on Tuesday from 6 to 9 p.m. for open craft night.

6. Fifty Two ‘80s
1874 South Broadway

Take a trip down memory lane at Fifty Two ‘80s. Whether you’re on the hunt for old-school Cabbage Patch dolls or the Stretch Armstrong you had as a kid, Fifty Two ‘80s is the best place to go. And if you’ve been dying to find a retro Broncos sweater ever since we won the Super Bowl, there’s no better place to jump on the bandwagon.

Keep reading for five more stores on Broadway.

5. Lowbrow
38 Broadway

In an area full of art galleries and museums, Lowbrow offers a fun alternative, full of out-of-the-box events and displays. Adult-themed coloring books coupled with coloring shows? Check. Affordable art? Check. A must-stop on Broadway. Check.

4. Hope Tank
64 Broadway

Want to feel good about your purchases? Shop at Hope Tank. Every sale here helps one of dozens of charities and causes chosen by owner Erika Righter, from the Wayfaring Band to the Denver Rescue Mission. And much of what you’ll find inside of Hope Tank was created by local artists and craftspeople, so you're helping them, too, when you stop here.
3.  Sewn
18 South Broadway

You know you're in the right place for handmade goods and vintage finds when you reach the giant crocheted tree cover on Broadway. Walk in the door of Sewn to find work by at last 25 local designers, all of whom are passionate about creating recycled, sewn and one-of-a-kind goods. Whether you’re in the market for baby booties or handmade hair accessories, Sewn will likely have it — and also a perfect shopping ambience that encourages you to sort through the shelves.
2. Decade
56 South Broadway

For almost two decades now,  Decade has defined boutique shopping on Broadway. The store sells everything from vintage furniture to handmade cards, and does it in style. Whether you want to dress up your home or your wardrobe, Decade is a required destination.
1. Ironwood
14 South Broadway

Ironwood was named the Best Store on Broadway in the Best of Denver 2016, and with good reasons. The shop looks more like a modern science museum than a clothing or arts boutique; the shelves are filled with antique books, butterflies in shadowboxes and rocks. Owners Alyson Two Eagles and Jeff Childress have designed Ironwood as a “things-we-love” store — and we love it, too.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.