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Ten of the Best Creatives at the RiNo Showcase

The RiNo Showcase is coming to Number Thirty Eight.
The RiNo Showcase is coming to Number Thirty Eight. Hayley Steiner
On July 25, the RiNo Showcase will return to the RiNo Art District with more than fifty artists, brands and performances from musicians such as Elektric Animals, The Study Abroad, Bunny Blake, Kid Astronaut and Shady Oaks.

The day-long fest, founded in 2018 by Denver artist Hayley Steiner, first took place at the Larimer Lounge. This year, it's grown and moved to bigger digs: one of Denver's newest venues, Number Thirty Eight.

“We have such a dynamic scene here that I believe [it] should be cultivated and nurtured,” says Steiner. “Many of the creatives that have participated in the event have been able to quit their full-time jobs and work as full-time creatives. People still email me or come up to me all the time and tell me how RiNo Showcase has changed their life, and while it is incredibly endearing and means the absolute world to me, I always tell them the same thing: You changed your own life. I just gave you the space to do it.”

This year's impressive showcase has plenty of must-see art, fashion and design from individuals and brands alike. Here are ten of the creatives we're most excited about:

Astro Apparel
Astro Apparel, a fashion brand launched in 2014, spotlights classic and modern trends from around the globe. Through its designs, the company aims to inspire creative exploration, pushing loyal clients, dubbed "astronauts," to tap into their imagination through art and fashion.
click to enlarge Raise your fists to the art of Sydnee Masias. - IAMSLYNN
Raise your fists to the art of Sydnee Masias.
Sydnee Masias, aka Iamslynn, is a Denver graphic designer, illustrator and paper artist who creates art for national conferences and local businesses. She also participates in the annual One Club for Creativity and Denver’s Paper Fashion Show fundraiser benefiting the Downtown Aurora Visual Arts nonprofit, which offers after-school programs for urban youth.

Sandpaper Sweet
Sandpaper Sweet, a self-taught artist, has sold artwork since she was fourteen. Sweet works in digital media and has experience in oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink and more, creating stickers, patches and herbs. Much of the artist's work depicts various plants and nudes.

Dane Good Wood
Wheat Ridge-based woodworker Jeff Brunette, of Dane Good Wood, has an “attention to detail, affinity for nature and passion for design,” according to his artist statement. His work has sold nationally and locally, and he has exhibited in Lakewood’s 40 West district.
click to enlarge Beth Topper's Basecamp Jewelry offers an array of handmade designs. - BASECAMP JEWELRY
Beth Topper's Basecamp Jewelry offers an array of handmade designs.
Basecamp Jewelry
Basecamp Jewelry
Metalsmith Beth Topper founded Basecamp Jewelry, where she creates handmade rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other accessories. According to her artist statement, Topper lives by the mantra “Actions speak louder than words” as she hammers, fires and forges custom textures in silver, copper and brass.

Founded by Cassandra Perry, apparel company Raw&Radiant explores boldness and free expression while allowing customers to “wear art activism” on their sleeves.
click to enlarge Gracey Ripa's work is inspired by dreams and archetypes. - GRACEY RIPA
Gracey Ripa's work is inspired by dreams and archetypes.
Gracey Ripa
Gracey Ripa
Tattoo artist and painter Gracey Ripa makes anime-like works inspired by lucid dreaming. Whether she's working on skin, clothing or canvas, she depicts figures, often nude, that are rife with emotion.

Jordan Forge
Jordan Forge, originally from Missouri, fell in love with painting and photography at a young age. He explores elegance, chaos, colors and darkness with subjects ranging from hot-air balloons to flowers.
click to enlarge Kenny Burton's art incorporates vivid colors and digitally altered landscapes. - KENNY BURTON
Kenny Burton's art incorporates vivid colors and digitally altered landscapes.
Kenny Burton
Kenny Burton
A painter, musician and engineer, Kenny Burton delves into the surreal, psychedelic and bizarre. He works in acrylic and embraces digital technologies in his creative process, whether he's rendering outer space, a water tower or rainbow-colored mountains.

Bear Fruit Designs
Kevin Barrett founded Bear Fruit Designs to create custom clothing. Online, he describes his work as “an exploration of wearable and usable art while finding tranquility and joy through creation.” Products range from men’s hoodies, long-sleeved tees and hooded windbreakers to women’s zip-up hoodies, booty shorts, capri leggings, hats, art prints, footwear and more.

The RiNo Showcase will run from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday, July 25, at Number Thirty Eight, 3560 Chestnut Place. For more information, go to the Number Thirty Eight website.
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