Three Insanely Unapproved Uses for the RIP-COREFX

The RIP-COREFX -- an asymmetrically loaded resistance-training tool being marketed to the masses at tomorrow's Rip in the Park Event at 9 a.m. in Washington Park -- is, according to chief operating officer Jeff Huling, developing into, "a cultural phenomenon, like a cult almost." Scary.

Just in time for that demonstration, we bring you a few examples of how not to do it -- unless you want to.

But first, let's explain. Part of the RIP-COREFX's appeal as a workout-doodad is that you can take the thing and exercise with it anywhere -- at the park, while camping, in your hotel room, wherever. The idea came from trying to help a hockey player improve his slap shot. "We took an old broom stick," Huling explains, "put an eyelet on it and attached a resistance cord to it." Sprinkle in a little branding magic and voila! Overnight exercise sensation.

What else could you use the device - which starts at $179.95 for the Core Bundle - for besides exercising? Why, any of these insanely unapproved activities:

The Classic Skateboarding Car Tow:

Horizontal Bungee Jumping (though you'd probably need the $289.95 Rip Complete Bundle for this):

Whatever the Hell These Clowns Are Up to:

If you want to make sure you're doing it right, check out footage of the RIP-COREFX in action. Working out never looked so good.


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