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Trollchan: 4chan founder moot trolls Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

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If you use Wikipedia on any kind of regular basis, you've seen the banner: "A personal appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales," accompanied by the ponderous mug of Wales himself, staring contemplatively off into the far distance, getting ready to ask you for money so he can keep that site free from advertising. It was strange enough when that same banner inexplicably appeared on 4chan yesterday morning -- the brilliant, obscene free-for-all of an image board is known for many things, but altruism is not one of them -- but shit got downright epic when that banner was replaced by a parody banner from 4chan founder Christopher Poole that turned out, in true 4chan style, to be a troll.

Though the details are unknown, we can make several educated guesses as to what might have happened. One: Wales bought advertising space from 4chan to advertise that he doesn't want to advertise. The campaign, by the way, proved predictably ineffective; /b/, 4chan's notorious "random" board, was rife all morning with various insults and bitching directed at Wales. That, after all, is what 4chan is famous for. That, and trolling.

Two: Poole (better known by his 4chan handle "moot"), who has publicly expressed that he "hates the ads" on 4chan and only sells enough ads to "break even," was most likely somewhat offended by Wales' holier-than-thou campaign and seemingly pointed selection of advertising venue.

Three: moot pwnd Wales. Let's look at a comparison:


The Wales-banner spoof -- and if there ever was a self-serious banner that needed spoofing, it was Wales's -- wasn't even the best part. The best part was that clicking on moot's banner linked only to a photo (named "thatfuckingcat.jpg") of moot's cat:

And thus, moot trolled not just Wales, but all the trolls that troll 4chan. Well played, sir. 8/10.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.