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Twelve Denver arts flashbacks from 2012

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Viviane Le Courtois, Edible?, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art February 23 - June 14, 2012

Denver-based French artist Viviane Le Courtois celebrated twenty years of making art that is as conceptual as it is palpable in this BMoCA retrospective of her many morphing and decaying art experiments. At the end of this fascinating rainbow was a new installation, The Garden of Earthly Delights, which comprised a growing indoor garden of edible greens. And every weekend through the run of the show, Le Courtois served salad using those greens, along with tea in temporary cups she'd fashioned from clay, in community gatherings with friends at her studio. It was not only a well-deserved showcase, but a fascinating walk through the career of an ever-maturing local artist.

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Elena Stonaker, Celestial Terrestrial, Hinterland. February 24 - March 16, 2012

Elena Stonaker's bead- and sequin-encrusted dolls and creatures are more than pretty objects to set on a shelf. Beautiful and striking and a little out there, they reach beyond craft in a way that can't quite be explained, and they have a provocative, talismanic inner power that echoes in her imagery of third eyes and shamanic deities. Plus, they're stinkin' gorgeous and, in this show, monumental -- larger-than-life gods and goddesses swinging from the ceiling at Hinterland in a protective circle. Sadly for us here in Denver, Stonaker moved on to New York after this show, but she left behind some stunning juju for us to remember.

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