Twitter Tuesday: Chris Crocker doesn't care about Britney anymore, okay, guys?

So PrideFest may be over, but we're not done being obsessed with gay dudes on Twitter. In fact, Cazwell's performance this weekend in Civic Center park was worth another post on its own, but we've already discussed why we stalk his Twitter, so that's probably more than enough. However, it was through our beloved Cazwell that last week we happily rediscovered the Twitter of Chris Crocker, the former Youtubian blonde bombshell who entertained us back in the days of MySpace with his infamous "Leave Britney Alone!" fan obsession video, not to mention his introduction of the term "Real Bitch Island". Oh, come on. How, in this age of Internet-perpetuated fame, can someone be told they aren't famous? Basically, if you have a Facebook profile, you're famous. Besides, we think Chris Crocker is much more entertaining than Snooki, and she gets paid a ton of money to act like a jerk on television, and that's what makes her famous. 134,741 of Chris Crocker's Twitter followers can't be wrong: This dude is hella famous. Truth. If someone is trying to feed you a shit sandwich, don't eat it. Of course, Crocker is speaking metaphorically, but really, eating shit is gross. If you're actually a shit-eater, save that shit for YouTube. Speak it, Crocker! We appreciated your Britney-advocacy then, and we like your honesty about her music now. We all know Britney's time is done and has been for sometime, and there is nothing like a vocal supporter making the same observation. In fact, to commemorate Chris Crocker's initial proclamation to "Leave Britney alone!," we have included some random person's remix of the almost-drag outburst heard 'round the world.

We also pretty much religiously avoid eating shit sandwiches, and then we tweet about it. Follow @WestwordCulture right now!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.