Twitter Tuesday: Don Lemon's comin' out

If Don Lemon's recent admission about his sexual orientation via his Twitter account (and through the discussion of his new memoir, Transparent, due out next month) isn't testament to the power of this micro-social networking site, we don't know what is. In fact, it was this piece of personal news about Lemon that got us following him in the first place. Thanks to that, we learned that the news anchor is much like us: He loves to tweet about sushi and his former life as a gentleman with an Afro. So to celebrate Don Lemon being our for real Twitter soul sister, this week is dedicated to the man and his (former) Cadillac, Bessie! OMG, Don. We totally named our car, too! Except he was a 1988 Dodge Colt named Rick. We donated Rick to National Public Radio when he died, but we're betting you received a much larger tax deduction for Bessie when you passed her along for a good cause. Right on. Seriously, Don. We couldn't agree more. Nothing is nicer than hearing a little classic MJ when we're dining. Especially a song like "Rock With You," because it makes us want to jump out of our seats and do that embarrassing dance we usually save for the bathroom mirror. We're also guessing by your other tweets that you're probably enjoying some really bomb sushi -- and what could be a better combo than a dragon roll and some of the best music of Michael's career? Sure, it's amazing that Don had the courage to share such a personal aspect about himself with the larger Internet world, but he's right. Gay, straight or somewhere between, we're all still doing the same jobs, thinking the same things and enjoying life in the same ways, regardless of whether our sexual orientation is known or not. But still, kudos to you, Don Lemon, for being the guy on CNN we weren't expecting to come out.

We also frequently tweet about donating our Cadillacs to good causes. Follow @WestwordCulture on Twitter right now!

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