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What's in your bag? Skirts, candy and more!

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While many people march to the beat of a different drummer, some create their own rhythm. Such is the case with Precious Hill, who is in two bands, Lunar Fire and Inti, and whose own music creates the soundtrack for her life. We stumbled on Hill in Uptown, and immediately responded to her vibrant, colorful and energetic sense of style.

Read on to find out what candy she keeps in her bag, her favorite places to shop, and how she encourages others to be daring in their aesthetics. See also: -What's in your bag? Measuring tape, a sketchbook, and more! -What's in your bag? Perfume, MMJ and more! -What's in your bag? Fake mustache, tickets and more!

Name: Precious Hill.

Spotted at: 20th and Washington.

Profession: Singer and writer for two local bands: Lunar Fire and Inti. Manages coat-check at Cervantes Ballroom as well.

Favorite film: I love The Big Lebowski, but I also love Tarantino films a lot; Pulp Fiction is classic. And Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind is fantastic, too.

Autumn anthem: A song that is coming out this year by Lunar Fire called "Tides." We just recorded it and I wrote it with my bass player, and it's a song about triumph over life's struggles. Some lyrics go, "I can feel it in my soul/ the tides are turning/the war is over/ the light has won." This song is very fitting for the times that we live in, and also just living in the overwhelming city. It shows how you can be victorious.

Style inspirations/icons: I don't follow particular trends, but I love urban styles, indie music culture and tribal styles. From day to day, based on how I feel, I usually take my style from that. Comfort and people being themselves inspires me.

Favorite color: Varies depending on mood and aura, but metallics like gold, bronze, silver and sparkles are my favorite to wear. I love different shades of greens and blues, too.

Favorite accessory: Hats. I ride a pink scooter so I usually wear a helmet, but I love many hats, especially newspaper-boy caps right now.

Style mantra: If I feel good within myself, I'll look good no matter what I'm wearing. Before I leave the house, I like to make sure I'm wearing one fun thing that is visual to the eye, and creates a look that people are not expecting.

Shops at: All the normal places at the mall: Urban Outfitters, Guess, Ann Taylor, Express, H&M and Forever 21. But locally owned boutiques that carry local designers, thrifts stores like Buffalo Exchange, and Etsy are my favorite. I also shop at festivals to find random things you can't get anywhere else, and even during my travels I shop.

This electric blue vest has a military vibe and is accessorized with gold necklaces for a complete look. "I'm usually drawn to things that have fur on them. I love fuzzy things," says Hill. These faux-fur black boots were a natural, and work well in the fall and winter. On this day she paired them with silver leggings, since she loves metallic colors. Of her fashion philosophy, Hill says, "It's important for people to be daring and to step outside of the box and experiment with colors and fabrics, be free and edgy. Have fun: wear those tights without a skirt, wear that vest that doesn't match, wear that hat that is kooky. Have some cojones!" Lunar Fire has a gig coming up in December, read the details and get tickets here.

Check out what's in Precious Hill's purse on page 2!

This rainbow-colored cloth bag is one Hill travels carries often, since it matches almost everything. Let's see what's inside... Inside the bag we find a headband with a feather, a barrette with a flower, a black transparent skirt, a pair of clear frames, a monthly planner and some Skittles. There's also a green beanie, some silver nail polish, lotion and an Inti business card. Style analysis: Fashion is always changing, and Hill is always ready for that change with the accessories she takes along. She's organized and maintains her life with a monthly planner, balancing gigs, rehearsals, recordings, social life and work at Cervantes. She is fearless in her approach to color and accessories, bringing a positive energy to any environment with her optimistic view on life.

When the rhythm of life threatens to overwhelm you, Denver, remain fashionable and fun.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.