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What's Up, Pussycat? The Denver County Fair Announces the Kitten Pavilion and Lil BUB

As if Denver hasn't already gone to the cats -- as evidenced by the recent opening of the Denver Cat Company, the city's first cat cafe -- the Denver County Fair just announced its first-ever Kitten Pavilion for the 2015 edition, which opens on July 31 at the National Western Complex.

You read that right: The fair will devote 15,000 square feet to everything feline, including TICA-sanctioned cat shows, adoptable kitties, blue-ribbon competitions, daily screenings of the immensely popular Internet Cat Video Festival and. best of all, live appearances by meme sensation Lil BUB, the adorable perpetual kitten whose disabilities cause her tongue to hang free.

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"It began as a verbal typo," says fair director Dana Cain of the Kitten Pavilion. "We were talking about the Kitchen Pavilion and a reporter printed that we had a 'Kitten Pavilion.' Once we heard it, it's all we could think about!" Special meet-and-greet tickets will be available to Lil BUB fans for $50; petting privileges, "pawtographs" and photo ops are among the perks that come with the fee, and proceeds will benefit Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue and Lil BUB's BIG Fund for Special Needs Pets. Lil BUB will also be making stage appearances for other fair-goers throughout the weekend.

What else can you expect at the Denver County Fair in 2015? The infamous Pot Pavilion will return for a second year, as will the Geek Pavilion and other favorites; after a hiatus, outdoor rides, including a big-time Ferris wheel, will reappear in the fair's food truck area. Tickets go on sale beginning March 1; visit the Denver County Fair online for all the details.

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