What's Your Sign?

Poet Drew Myron and artist Tracy Weil have collaborated on a variety of projects over the past twenty years, but Forecast, their latest work, marks the first time they’ve used astrology as a starting point. "I was reading a lot of horoscopes," explains Myron. "Not that I'm an astrologist, but I was fascinated with the language. They're so compact. So I started using horoscopes for the basis of poetry and created twelve poems that corresponded to the signs. They are like abstract horoscopes, and Tracy created a painting to go with each poem."

This collaboration is more integrated than past exhibits, though. Instead of putting the painting next to the poem, for example, they covered the painting with hard Plexiglas that has the corresponding poem in raised letters. “You get this layering effect where you're looking at the painting through the poem," Myron says. “The colors are really vibrant, so you have this layering of colors and art."

Forecast opens August 13 and continues through September 26 at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, 1850 Table Mesa Drive in Boulder; admission is free. For more information, call 303-308-9345 or go to www.drewmyron.com/2009/05/events.html.
Aug. 13-Sept. 26, 2009

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