Womenswear Wednesday: Saleswomen Ashley Warmington on her concert style

Street fashion can pull inspiration from a variety of sources. This is especially true for womenswear, because ladies have more fashion options -- as shown by Ashley Warmington, the Volkswagen saleswomen we recently spotted stylishly stepping out to see Muse at the Pepsi Center. Read on to learn where she shops, her fashion icons and her favorite accessory.

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"I just moved to Denver form New Mexico," says Warmington. Here she rounds our her look with a black rosary and lime-green necklace complete with Notorious BIG's opening lyrics from the song "Juicy". Red laces are a brilliant contrast to her brown leather boots. "I used to sell shoes, so I have an acquired taste for boots," adds Warmington.

Style analysis: Warmington mixes many disparate items to form a solid, head-to-toe look: cut-off tee, patterned shorts, highlighter-hued jewelry, black stockings and brown boots. The neutral blacks, grays and browns allow the energetic red laces and green necklace to pop and make the ensemble fresh and exciting. Warmington dresses to fit her personality and own tastes while simultaneously experimenting within her own boundaries. As her style mantra says, she is "doing" her own style.

Don't be afraid to experiment with your fashion, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.