Womenswear Wednesdays: Samantha Kill on her killer androgynous street style

Women's wear is often defined by femininity -- dresses, skirts and timeless silhouettes that complement the female form. This makes it rare to encounter people who challenge these standards by adapting pieces of men's wear into women's wear. But we recently spotted Samantha Kill, a Brookstone manager and Colorado Film School alumni who was rocking her own interpretation of women's wear. Continue reading to discover her style icons, where she shops, and what her favorite accessory is.

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Name: Samantha Kill.

Spotted at: 19th and Sherman.

Profession: Sales manager at Brookstone.

Favorite film: The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

2013 jam: "Started From the Bottom," by Drake.

Style inspirations/icons: Kat Von D: My friends told me that she cuts up her shirts like this one I'm wearing.

Favorite accessory: This necklace. Everyone mistakes it for a unicorn, but it's a white horse.

Favorite color: Blue.

Style mantra; Just chill. When I get home, I feel uptight from work, since I wear dress pants and a dress shirt all day. I like to dress comfortably when I'm off the clock.

Shops at: H&M, recently, since it's affordable. I like Banana Republic, since it's upscale and very modern and trendy. I like Ross, thrift stores and Common Era, too.

This necklace she found at a carnival features a white horse. It also contains a small jar with a single grain of rice that says "Samantha." Kill says, "This necklace represents my youth. My look today was inspired by androgyny. Some days I want to be in my cut-off tee, jeans and Chucks. I borrowed this fitted Chicago Bulls cap from my friend Juan, but I usually wear my hat that has the Colorado flag on it." Kill's charm bracelet was a gift to her from her father when she was seventeen, and it has sentimental value. "Some days I dress very feminine, and that look is fun for me, but other days I feel like wearing my cut-off band tees, like this Slipknot one," she says. These are Kill's low-top Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers, which have been a classic staple of footwear for both men and women since 1917.

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Style analysis: Many fashionable Denverites play it safe with their clothes, sticking to clearly defined men's and women's wear. Then there are rebels like Samantha Kill who dare to challenge those preconceived ideas. Kill's entire look -- a fitted cap, denim jeans and a Slipknot tee -- can easily be translated to menswear, but she pulls it off with ease. She adds a personal touch with her youthful necklace and charm bracelet. She defines her own outward projection and identity through style.

Never be afraid to defy gender roles with your wardrobe, Denver.

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