Womenswear Wednesdays: Violinist Erika Gamez takes on pin-up girls and Gucci glamor

Fashion is never finished. For many, the new year signals the start of a cycle of goals dedicated to self-improvement and personal passions. One of those individuals is Erika Gamez, a student at the Metropolitan State University of Denver and a violinist whom we spotted in Writer Square because of her stellar style. Continue reading to find out where she gets her clothes from, which two genres influence her style, which designer made her purse, and of course, what's inside her bag.

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Name: Erika Gamez.

Spotted at: Writer Square on 15th and Larimer

Profession: Aspiring businesswomen, student, and violinist

Favorite film: Frida Kahlo. She's my little idol.

2013 jam: I have two: "Money" by The Drums and "Myth" by Beach House.

2013 resolutions: Work out more, get back to yoga, join the Metro orchestra again, and play the violin more.

Style inspirations/icons: Dita Von Teese, pin-up glamor, and Bettie Page. Von Teese once said, "You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, but someone is still going to hate peaches." Victoria Legrand from Beach House. I usually look at pictures more than I read now, so those images inspire me. I have lucid dreams, so I kind of have this fantasy world I've created.

Favorite accessory: Boots and purses and rings. I love accessories; if you wear a plain T-shirt, the accessories make the outfit.

Favorite colors: I have three: blood red, midnight black and shiny gold.

Style mantra: If I feel too comfortable, then I don't look good. You will never see me at the grocery store looking like I just woke up. I only own a pair and a half of jeans. I never wear jeans really except when it's super freezing out. I wear double leggings. If you catch me wearing jeans, please slap me and tell my mom.

Shops at: everywhere. If I go to Walmart or the thrift stor, or the mall and I like something, I'll buy it. I especially love when my mom buys me clothing because she really knows me well, and I never know where the clothes come from.

The Gucci bag looks great here as Gamez flips through an art book. The tips of Gamez's hair are dip-dyed a gray hue. The brown patterned purse matches her brown leather boots and the toggles on her black coat. Gamez rocks cross-shaped earrings and a custom manicure from her sister Sophie Gamez, featuring red roses on a baby blue background. She also has several large rings and a giant necklace. "I admire people whose style never changes season to season but rather reflects their personal evolution and tells their story," says Gamez.

Check out what's in Erika Gamez's purse on page 2.

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