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Though she has put her Twirling Hippy Confections business to the side (for now), Jessica LeRoux hasn't stepped out of the cannabis arena. Always one to speak her mind (often with a string of well-placed curse words), LeRoux has become a fixture at the State Capitol and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment over the past year — live-blogging from committee meetings about the goings-on of politicians and state officials trying to force more regulations on medical marijuana patients and caregivers. With more meetings than ever to attend, LeRoux has blown through a car transmission just trying to keep up — but she's not giving up. Somehow, she still manages to keep the community informed through daily Facebook updates and e-mail chains. A friend of the late Ken Gorman, LeRoux lives up to the spirit of that famous Colorado pot activist.

Best Pot Pricing for Recreational Customers

Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry has always bucked the trends. It was among the first medical shops to offer all strains at $25 out the door for an eighth. Since that time, it's worked hard to keep its price-conscious customers happy while still delivering solid mid- to high-grade buds of Grape Ape, Lavender and an in-house gem of a strain, Ingrid. The same is true on its recreational side, which was among the first in the metro area to do away with $50 recreational eighths of pot, replacing them with far more reasonable $30 offerings. And ounces go out the door for $240, a refreshing change from dispensaries still trying to charge an arm and a leg for a nug.

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