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Sadie Jean: Simple Like 17 Tour

with Holden McRae

Sadie Jean’s music strikes a universal chord akin to a late-night chat with your best friend. She connected with millions of people over the release of her debut single “WYD Now?”, a tear-jerking plea to an old flame to try and get it right one more time. Since its release, the track has surpassed 150m Spotify streams and became RIAA gold-certified, solely due to its pure, raw emotion. Multi-platinum artist Rod Wave also sampled the track on his song “2018,” marking Sadie’s Hot 100 debut, as well as inviting Sadie to guest perform the song on a 30-date sold out arena tour.

In 2022, she released her second single, “Locksmith,” an equally moving ballad that itself has blown past 100m Spotify streams. These deeply vulnerable singles became the blueprint for the tracks that would make up the rest of her debut project “Simple Like 17.” Throughout the project, Sadie Jean pairs smart and cutting lyrics with timeless, uncomplicated arrangements, unveiling something powerful: that sometimes, while longing for another person, you’re truly seeking yourself.

After a lifetime of work and a complete project, Sadie Jean is bringing the Simple Like 17 Tour to 17 cities across North America for an intensely crafted show experience. She’ll be performing the project in entirety in small venues hoping to connect with each audience member individually. Make sure to catch Sadie Jean’s first ever headline tour “Simple Like 17” before it sells out.

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