Claire Duncombe

Azucar Bakery

Peruvian-born Marjorie Silva opened Azucar Bakery in 2006 to fill a hole in a town more accustomed to cupcakes and pie than flan and Suspiro de Limeña. Rapid growth led Silva and her team to relocate in 2011 to their current location on South Broadway, a shiny, pink-frosted space befitting the goodies within. Silva’s crew does cakes, cookies, and all sorts of confections, but they specialize in Latin and South American delicacies. Think alfajor cookies with house-made dulce de leche squeezed between shortbread. Flan dripping with caramel. Peruvian mocha Pionono cake stuffed with coffee cream. The bakery can also accommodate special orders and gluten-free needs.