Vegan options at Beet Box.
Vegan options at Beet Box.
Linnea Covington

Reader: I Meet More Vegans in Denver Every Day!

In anticipation of the Best of Denver 2016, which hits the streets — and this website — on March 31, we've been visiting spots all over town, and recently served up our list of the Eleven Best Bakeries in Denver — which was topped by the 2015 winner, Azucar Bakery. But some readers were more interested in the inclusion of spots like Beet Box. Says Becca: 

Kudos on your vegan picks. Super cool of you guys to highlight some of these choices. I meet more vegans in Denver every day! Transplants and natives who have made that switch. 

Have you gone vegan? Do you know people who have? What's your favorite vegan dish in a non-vegan restaurant? Watch for our answer to that question next week, when all the winners of the Best of Denver 2016 will be revealed...

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