Banh Mi Station | Southeast Denver | Vietnamese | Restaurant

Banh Mi Station

Neighborhood: Southeast Denver
Lucky us: There are a number of places in Denver that excel at banh mi, the Vietnamese sandwich served on a French baguette. Banh Mi Station opened in 2021 as Little Bakery House, but owner Tom Xu (who worked at his family's now-closed dim sum restaurant, King's Land, for eighteen years) quickly realized that the clientele in the University of Denver neighborhood was confused by the moniker. In Vietnam, "bakery" is synonymous with banh mi, but customers kept coming in looking for cupcakes. A few months later, a new sign with the new name was up. This is the only banh mi spot in town that offers a fried chicken option for the sandwich, but we can't get enough of the lemongrass grilled pork. No matter which version you choose, it's served on bread baked in-house daily with the classic additions: mayo, cucumber, jalapeƱo, cilantro and pickled radish and carrot.
Molly Martin