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Cannonball Creek Brewing

Cannonball Creek Brewing Company

Cannonball Creek has long been known for making hop-forward beers, and making them well. But in recent years, the brewery has expanded its menu to focus more on lagers — which, not surprisingly, are very good, too. From Dad Squad pils to Let's Talk About Mex!, you can always find tasty options here. The brewery mixes in a few other interesting styles, from Belgian golden beer to porters and saisons, that will tempt those looking to venture outside the realm of IPAs and lagers. You'll have to go directly to the source for these beers, as Cannonball Creek doesn't distribute cans, and you'll rarely find a keg outside of the taproom. The upside is beer that's always fresh, and the Golden location is prime for pre- or post-outdoor adventures, with a lively crowd and rotating food trucks.