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Cherry Hills Sushi Co.

Neighborhood: Cherry Hills Village
The menu at Cherry Hills Sushi Co. almost seems to be missing a page or two, so short and focused is chef Bradford Kim’s roster of hand-rolled temaki and meticulous sashimi. But therein lies the brilliance of the austere little sushi bar: Perfection is captured through simplicity. A pour of rainwater-clear sake alongside a series of hand rolls, each delivery timed to follow the final bite of your last, offers a near-Zen-like study in flavors, textures and temperatures. Escape from the daily hustle with a short lunch or a leisurely dinner where the focus is entirely on the pleasure of eating — and a little drinking, too, if you dig Japanese beer and whisky. Since opening in 2015, Kim has added Sushi Co. locations in Berkeley and Park Hill, spreading the temaki concept throughout town.
Mark Antonation