Corvus Coffee | South Denver | Coffeehouse | Restaurant

Corvus Coffee

Neighborhood: South Denver
When some people think about coffee, they think about thick, drip-brewed black liquid and maybe espresso, if things are really getting fancy. When the folks at Corvus think about coffee, it's a mere starting point — in the same way that an egg is the starting point to an airy soufflé, or a grain of wheat is the starting point to a crusty French baguette. Corvus roasts coffee beans in-house, and transforms them into delicious coffee and espresso, but also into smooth, silky cold-brew coffee (more caffeine, less acidity); the brew does double duty in unexpected and addictive coffee cocktails. The booze-free drinks change seasonally and feature exciting and unusual flavor combinations like grapefruit, coffee and mint, or smoked cascara, rosemary and lemon.